Feb 17, 2009

Terminal tool for websms (NTC service)

Websms is a service provided by NTC.
It is service that allows us to send 10 SMS per day via its web-interface.

Each time when I need to send a SMS, I had to open the site,login(no auto remember facility) and send SMS. So I thought to create a tool that would save time.

You can download the debian package from here: websms_1.01_all.deb

Install it using:
dpkg -i ./path/to/websms_1.01_all.deb

websms help
This displays the help for this tool.

websms addcontact <nick> <Mobile Number>
You can store the mobile number with (nick)name in the contacts list. Later you can use the (nick)name to send SMS to him/her.

websms viewcontacts
You can view the complete list of your contacts.

websms send <nick | Mobile Number> <Message>
Send the SMS by Mobile Number or by (nick)name that you stored earlier.The message length cannot exceed above 142.


  • $ websms addcontact sweety 98********

  • $ websms send sweety "I will be late."

  • $ websms send 98******** "Call me back. --suraj"

  • $ cat joke | websms send 98********

    Be sure that the size of file "joke" doesnt exceed 142 bytes.

  • $ websms viewcontacts


Note:The secure-info and the contact-list are located in ~/.websms directory.

On the request of you Guys I have added the RPM package too:

Direct Download Link:websms-1.01-2.noarch.rpm
[Note:The RPM package was generated with alien.]