Nov 25, 2007

Configuring Netbeans to new look and feel

Everybody wants to be unique. Isn't it...
I too want. I changed the default look and feel of the netbeans.

Adding theme
<path to netbeans>/netbeans -cp:p ${substance}\substance.jar
-laf org.jvnet.substance.SubstanceLookAndFeel

Adding Watermark
"<path to netbeans>/netbeans" -J-Dsubstancelaf.watermark = org.jvnet.substance.watermark.SubstanceKatakanaWatermark

Changing buttons laf
"<path to netbeans>/netbeans"

Note: I am using the substance look and feel. You can download it from

And finally here is what i am using recently,
/opt/netbeans-5.5/bin/netbeans" -cp:p /opt/mymodules/substance/lib/substance.jar -laf org.jvnet.substance.SubstanceLookAndFeel -J -Dsubstancelaf.watermark = org.jvnet.substance.watermark.SubstanceBinaryWatermark

Yea I have my netbeans in /opt folder and i run linux in my system.

With similar options you can also change java's default laf.

for more detail info:laf@netbeans

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