Jan 5, 2009

Search with single click

Searching cant be any more easy than this.Just select and click.
Here is how you can search anything you select with just a single click.
First install this package "googlizer"
apt-get install googlizer

Just drag it to the panel(from Applications->Internet) for easy access and enjoy.
Select any text anywhere and just click on it.

You can even use it with other links.. May be answers.com or wikipedia.org. Here's, how you do it.

Right click on the googlizer button on the panel and open its properties. And in the command text area type the following to convert it to answerizer ;)
googlizer -u "http://www.answers.com/topic/"

If you want to look it better click on the googlizer Icon at the top left of the properties dialog and change it as you want.

The core thing that the googlizer does is just copies the text in X'selection and appends it to the end of the link that you provide, and finally opens it in Browser. If you do not provide any link then it uses "http://www.google.com/search?q=".

For Wikipedia-izer, whatsoever,
googlizer -u "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/"

*Please leave in comment if you use it for any other.