Dec 7, 2007

Shortcuts in Terminal (console)

Must of use face the problem with cutting and pasting in terminal... I know it because i did felt it a few days back too.
I don't know how but it was my luck that that i pressed ctrl+l insted of shift+l. I got amazed when i saw it cleared my console .. OMG it was a short to clear the terminal screen...

Soon after that i tested with each combination and here are the shortcuts that i found working...

ctrl+L = clear the screen
ctrl+W = clear the current word
ctrl+K = clears everything after the current curser position
ctrl+T = swaps last two letters
ctrl+U = cut
ctrl+Y = paste
ctrl+I = autocomplete (similar to pressing tab-key)
ctrl+P = Previous command (similar to pressing up-arrow)
ctrl+A = Move the cursor to the begenning
ctrl+D = same as what DEL-key does
ctrl+H = same as what BACKSPACE-Key does


please comment if you have any more...


N K M said...

i remember ctrl+shift+C/V also works...

SATA said...

@N K M
Thanx.. I didn't know about the shortcut you mentioned.

Thanx again, for stopping by.