Feb 17, 2009

Terminal tool for websms (NTC service)

Websms is a service provided by NTC.
It is service that allows us to send 10 SMS per day via its web-interface.

Each time when I need to send a SMS, I had to open the site,login(no auto remember facility) and send SMS. So I thought to create a tool that would save time.

You can download the debian package from here: websms_1.01_all.deb

Install it using:
dpkg -i ./path/to/websms_1.01_all.deb

websms help
This displays the help for this tool.

websms addcontact <nick> <Mobile Number>
You can store the mobile number with (nick)name in the contacts list. Later you can use the (nick)name to send SMS to him/her.

websms viewcontacts
You can view the complete list of your contacts.

websms send <nick | Mobile Number> <Message>
Send the SMS by Mobile Number or by (nick)name that you stored earlier.The message length cannot exceed above 142.


  • $ websms addcontact sweety 98********

  • $ websms send sweety "I will be late."

  • $ websms send 98******** "Call me back. --suraj"

  • $ cat joke | websms send 98********

    Be sure that the size of file "joke" doesnt exceed 142 bytes.

  • $ websms viewcontacts


Note:The secure-info and the contact-list are located in ~/.websms directory.

On the request of you Guys I have added the RPM package too:

Direct Download Link:websms-1.01-2.noarch.rpm
[Note:The RPM package was generated with alien.]


Anonymous said...

only deb
there should be rpm and tar.gz 's also..

Anonymous said...

where to get source code to compile from source for ArchLinux and Gentoo...

SATA said...

Whoever u r, first of all I'd like to express my gratitude for ur interest in this tool.
I think the following will answer ur query.
The tool is fully coded on bash. So the tool will run on any platform that executes the bash script.
You will find two scripts inside the archive:
1. websms (inside websms_1.01_all/data/usr/local/bin Directory):
This is the core Program and is responsible for sending the messages.

2. postinst (inside websms_1.01_all/control directory):
Execute this script before using the tool for the first time. This script asks you the username and password of the NTC-sms-service and saves it in your home folder. The username and password are used by the websms tool to send the SMS.

I assume you will hack the rest.

;) And obviously I'd like to hear from you about your enhancement on the tool.

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